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All Steel Welding mobile welding in Houston comes to you, at your business, home, garage, dock, or roadside location. Mobile welding in Houston means more than just showing up at your location. Our mobile “welding shop” is completely portable. We bring everything needed, including a generator to power our electric welders.

We Have Experience Welding And Repairing, Stainless Steel, Gates, Fencing, Trailers, Rolling and Swinging Entry Gates, Gate Joints, Rusted Metal, Handrails, Security Bars, Boats, Brackets, Tools, Grates, Metal Frames, Trucks, Exhaust Pipes, Bi-Cycles, Etc.

We specialize in all actions which have the objective of retaining or restoring an item in or to a state in which it can perform its required function. We also preform a visual preventive maintenance inspections of that item, in an attempt to identify any additional and/or potential structural failures.

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Plant maintenance all over Houston TX. Stair stairways, railing, new construction all over Houston TX. and much much more.

Welding is nothing more than the art of joining metals together. By comparison, wood is joined by nails, bricks are held together with mortar; metal is joined by welding! What makes welding such a big deal is that the world’s infrastructure depends on it! Everything you touch everyday that is made of metal is most likely welded in one form or another. It is one of the most valuable technologies that played a huge part in the industrial revolution, and is the back bone to the world’s militaries. Welding today is comprised of three main ingredients witch are required to join metals together.

An electrical power source to produce an arc.
Some form of shielding to protect the weld from the air.
Filler material to fill the weld joint.

The ways these three ingredients work together are:

First, the weld area needs to be shielded from any air around it. This is important because oxygen and other gasses in the air make welds brittle and porous.
Second, is the electricity to produce an arc. An electrical arc melts metal in fractions of a second and is hot enough to melt any known metal!
Finally, the filler metal is added, which is how two pieces of metal become one.Type your paragraph here.


D1.1 Certified Structural welders